SB550 - Drinking Water Testing

Post date: Feb 27, 2017 3:27:8 PM

From June 2011 to the current time, there have been no serious threats to our freedoms. We have continued to monitor proposed legislation for their effects, intended or otherwise, on the homeschool community.

SB550 In November 2016 ICNS discussed a bill in the senate (that has since passed and been signed into law) that would require all schools, including private schools, serving pre-K through fifth grade, to test their drinking water for lead. These results are to be reported to the state, and remediation is required. 

Ad Hoc was able to have a change made to the bill so that only private schools with more than ten students in that age group are affected. In that way, homeschools are eliminated from the requirement, but are not named in the bill.